The Soulbreath Breathing Course


A new Soul Journey is waiting for you, spread over 6 weekly online Soulbreath sessions, that include Live breathing sessions, inspiring soul messages, opportunities to share your experience and ask questions, empowering exercises, homework assignments and personal guidance…


During eons of time our divine breath has been used as a grand tool to meditate, focus, empower and reach enlightenment. Many Masters from the past have worked with this breath. Yeshua ( Jesus ), Kuthumi lal Singh, Saint-Germain, Kuan Yin, Ohamah, Buddha, but also many Yoga Masters and other Masters from the east.
Also channellers have been introduced to their divine breath by their angelic friends and were taught to use their breath to be able to hold a big energy and become a stable channel.

Right now, in this new era, this breath is here for us for a new soulful way… to re-discover the magic sweetness that we carry within and start to live that new truth…
Your Soul has been waiting for you to be re-discovered in a new, loving and joyful way.
Through our Soulbreath we can reconnect to our souls and develop a new relationship with a love inside of us, that was never gone…

Inspired by his own soulbreath, Erno van Doesselaar discovered his background in being a Master in creating with his own divine breath and teaching it then to others. In his own words: “My soulbreath gives me such a gifts every day. It keeps calling me home in my body, to receive more and more.
My soulbreath has transformed into the unique place where I am one with my soul within my body… and that keeps touching my heart so deeply.”

In this magical soul course Erno will lead you to that space where you can deeply connect to your soul, in your body. With every session you will be guided deeper and deeper into the true love of your soul, until you are ready to be led by your soul…
You will be able to experience and feel how your soul is seeing you and your life and what a huge difference that is from the usual way of living and creating from the human mind / spiritual mind. 
At this point you will be led into a deep and solid connection with your soul, so you can start to feel, receive and live the magic that happens, when you consciously create together with your soul and you allow her/him to breathe with you.

This is a new way of transforming your life with ease, love and joy into the fulfilled experience that you choose to have for you…

Some effects of embodying and breathing your soulbreath in your life:

You will notice that it creates:
* a real joy to live
* passion to create
* passion to explore new potentials
* rejuvenation in the body & stress release
* regenerating sleep, helps to sleep good at night
* much more life source energy (prana)
* healthy balance in your energy
* increasing synchronicity, things naturally fall into place
* it gets you out of your mind and into a way of heart-based living
* calmness and peacefulness in the mind
* strong stable connection to your body
* easy grounding and focus
* strong immune system
* sense of being safe in every situation
* new balance in eating and processing food (you need less food and have more energy)
* new creativity
* clarity and new insights about every topic in your life
* it opens your senses and gets you to feel
* good feeling in your body, it becomes a great loving place to be in
* stronger intuition and much more…

The Soulbreath Breathing Course includes 6 online sessions of approx. 100 minutes on Soulbreath Radio. These broadcasts include Live breathing sessions, inspiring soul messages, opportunities to share your experience and ask questions, empowering exercises, homework assignments and personal guidance…

Time and Dates:
Every session will start on Wednesday evening at 21.00 CET/13.00 PM CST on:
Thursday 10 April and then the following 5 weeks on Thursday evening at 21.00 CET
Please make sure to be online a few minutes before the broadcast starts!

Enrollment Fee: 6 live online sessions for €99,=

* The First Evening on Wednesday 13 November at 21.00 CET is Free for everybody! *
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PLEASE NOTE that The following 5 sessions are only available premium level
for a special package price of €99,= including all mp3 files.
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If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact Erno van Doesselaar here.

How often did you read “One breath can transform your life forever”?
– real life experiences…

Since Erno van Doesselaar started to discover the connection with his soul about 15 years ago it did transform his life indeed, but not in a sudden rigorous way, it started with one breath at a time… The more he could allow himself to breathe consciously with his Soul and he started to truly receive his soul’s breath, the more his life started to transform in a joyful, fast and easy flow and the bigger his steps became.

All that time his soul had been patiently waiting with the deepest unconditional love, until he and most of his core aspects felt safe enough to truly allow him to choose to live fully. From that moment he could allow his soul to really breathe with him… instead of him trying to connect to his soul.

This was the magical turning point in his life, where he could surrender to his own soulbreath…

Since then his life changed drastically. He gained a lot of clarity in how he had been creating his life until then and had to acknowledge the fact that it was based on just living in survival, even though he was for years on his spiritual path and he did practice his conscious breath already, all around him, his connections with others, his relationships, the way his material life had been manifesting… all that was based on breathing the small amount of life force energy that he was breathing until then.
With choosing to be really present in his life now, his breath became bigger and because he started to allow his soulbreath to truly nurture him and his life, it all shifted in an easy, graceful way.

Within one year he went from a life based on survival into a life based on nurturing, on soul love and joy… something he did not feel before, because his mind and fearful aspects were simply not allowing him to receive that in such a deep and grounded way. He could literally feel there was more to receive and that there was an opening waiting for him to truly receive his new life, but until the moment that He made a real conscious choice from the core of his being, out of self-love and in trust with his soul, it could not manifest.

Right now he is living together with his soul love and teaching partner Kata Szenasi in the Netherlands.
His life truly became a string of precious gifts that is continuously expanding in love, nurturing, joy, creativity, abundance and grounding every day.

Erno van Doesselaar’s is teaching ‘his soulbreath’ in private sessions, workshops, soulbreath & integration therapist trainings, retreats and online courses
at Soulbreath Radio, an internet radio station that has been created by his partner Kata Szenasi and himself where they broadcast together and individually
several times per month.